Learn About The Strong Interest Inventory® Career Assessment

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  The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment represents the measurement of interests for educational and career planning. The theory behind this assessment is based on the pattern of one’s interests and the correlation to choices for career placement or career development. This assessment has been revised for both validity and reliability, as well as for content and structure continually over the … Read More

The Strong Interest Inventory® Conventional Theme

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Strong Interest Inventory® Conventional Theme Discovering the underlying components of your Strong Interest Inventory® Profile (SIIP) is important in choosing a future work path that fits best with your interests and preferences. Oftentimes, much of this information can be found in the Basic Interest Scales that your SIIP aligns with. Check out how learning about the Conventional Theme can help … Read More

The Strong Interest Inventory® Test Enterprising Theme

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Strong Interest Inventory Enterprising Theme   Learning about The Strong Interest Inventory® Test’s Basic Interest Scales (BIS) that you align with can help you discern your ideal career—one that will bring you happiness, success, and fulfillment. This week, we’ll learn about the Enterprising Basic Interest Scale Theme, and the BIS’s that go along with it. The Basic Interest Scale Theme … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® Social Theme & Basic Interest Scales

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Strong Interest Inventory Social Theme Learning about your alignment with certain Strong Interest Inventory ® test  Basic Interest Scales can help you decide which career path will be most fulfilling and rewarding based on your interests and preferences. The Social Themed Basic Interest Scales (BIS) include Counseling & Helping, Teaching & Education, Human Resources & Training, Social Sciences, Religion & … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory ®: Artistic Theme – Basic Interest Scales

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The Strong Interest Inventory ® test uses a variety of Basic Interest Scales to measure an individual’s personal preferences and interests, which can then be applied to helping people find a career that they will find enjoyable and fulfilling. These Basic Interest Scales (BIS’s) are divided into different themes, each encompassing an underlying quality that connects them. Knowing the details of the … Read More

Career Assessment Test: How to Take The Next Step in Choosing Your Career

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Whether you are starting out in a career search for the first time or at a career crossroads, it is important to spend some time thinking about which career would best suit you based on what you enjoy doing, what your interests are, and how your personality best fits your occupational choices. There is a Career Assessment Test that can … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory®: Investigative Theme & Basic Interest Scales

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Strong Interest Inventory® Investigative Theme Scoring highly on certain Basic Interest Scales of the Strong Interest Inventory test can help inform you of the occupations and careers that your interests and preferences best align with. Each Basic Interest Scale (BIS) is categorized by a specific key factor—for example, the Investigative Theme, which includes a handful of BIS’s all having to do … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory: Realistic Theme & Basic Interest Scales

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Strong Interest Inventory Realistic Theme Explained The Basic Interest Scales of the Strong Interest Inventory test are divided into different themes based on their fundamental premises and base ideas.  This week, we’ll look at what interests and preferences align with the Realistic Theme, which includes the Basic Interest Scales of Mechanics & Construction, Computer Hardware & Electronics, Military, Protective Services, … Read More

The Strong Interest Inventory and The Basic Interest Scales Reviewed

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Discovering your Strong Interest Inventory Interest Scales is beneficial for career and academic planning, helping you decide what you want to do with your life and what you would be good at in the working world. Diving deeper into the assessment itself, as we will here with Basic Interest Scales, further guide you into a fulfilling and satisfying career that … Read More

How The Strong Interest Inventory® Test Reflects Counseling Preferences

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Strong Interest Inventory® Counseling Preferences   Each college student is different and therefore approaches college counseling in different manners. The Strong Interest inventory® Themes reflects on how each student approaches college and career counseling differently. Learning your counseling preference can help you choose the right career, guidance and career counselor that best fits your needs.  If you are a career … Read More

How MBTI® Personality Types Choose College Majors

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The MBTI Test and College Majors MBTI® Types vary in many ways and this holds true for their college major selection process. Whether it is which college majors they choose, or the decision-making process they go through to choose such college majors, college students vary in both processes. We have previously discussed the varying choices of college major curriculum by … Read More

Fiscal Cliff : Take Back Control Over Your Employment Future

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One of the biggest continual headlines in the news has been concerning the battle between the Democrats and Republicans over how to avoid the “ fiscal cliff ”.  One of the points of interest in the dealings is concerning the extension of unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed.  Experts say that if and when a deal is struck that the … Read More