Strong Interest Inventory® Profile


Mold your future success by choosing a career that accurately reflects your interests, hobbies, and favorite topics and locations with the help of this profile.

Direct your future based on what you like and enjoy, providing you with a happier, more fulfilling life and career. The Strong Interest Inventory® Profile uses an extensive analysis of your interests and preferences to guide your towards a career that best suits who you are on a personal level. Depending on your likes and dislikes compared to others in specified fields, you may find a fulfilling career previously unthought-of, helping guide you down the road to success and happiness.

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Product Description



The Strong Interest Inventory® Profile gives you a list of careers highly admired and highly chosen by those with interests and preferences similar to yours. It breaks down your preferences and inclinations into six General Occupational Themes, which give a broad record of what sorts of jobs you would enjoy. It then delves deeper by describing 30 Basic Interest Scales. Finally, Occupational Scales take your results and comparing them to others with similar interests who have shown high rates of happiness and success in their careers.

The Strong Interest Inventory Profile not only tells you what occupations you are more likely to prefer—it also describes how you work best in certain work situations, whether that means learning on the job, working with others, managing others, or taking chances in the workplace. By understanding how you work best, you can apply changes to your current occupation and succeed more, or put these changes into motion in a new career, giving you a chance at elevated happiness at your job of choice and with life in general.

The Strong Interest Inventory Profile is beneficial for everyone, especially:

  • Those looking to find fulfillment and a new career
  • Those deciding where to go to college and what to study
  • Those hoping to gain more contentment from their current employment