Strong High School Edition Profile plus Interpretive Report


High School is the perfect time to explore the focus of your child’s curriculum, career future and extra curricular activities by maximizing the feedback of your results with the Strong Interest Inventory High School Edition Profile plus Interpretive Report package.

Use this powerful combination of two effective and scientifically recognized reports to further your child’s career exploration efforts. This 21-page, two-report package takes your child beyond the stand-alone Strong High School Edition Profile by adding the informative Strong Interpretive Report for additional insight. Find what occupations may be good matches based on interests and identify educational programs and work environments that would best fit your child or student during their high school years as they prepare for the future.

Please note: A minimum age of 14 and a 9th grade reading level is recommended for this report. See “More Details” for additional technical information.

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The 21-page Strong High School Edition plus Interpretive Report package builds on the five sections provided in the Strong High School Edition report by providing an additional 9 pages of informative feedback. The Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive report also introduces a new call-to-action feature dubbed the “Action Step”, providing short but concise exercises for the student to implement when reviewing their report.

Section breakdowns

General Occupational Themes (GOTs)

The 6 General Occupational Themes provide a high level perspective of your child’s interests. Each of the six themes (Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) also provide related information on potential values, skills, and work activities. The additional Strong Interpretive Report expands on this data by providing personal descriptors as well as leisure activities related to each theme. Defining terms along with a list of career fields and career motivators generally associated with each theme can also be found in this expanded section.

Basic Interest Scales

The 30 Basic Interest Scales are presented to provide a more focused perspective of your child’s likes and dislikes. They cover the full spectrum of interests including areas such as Marketing & Advertising, Writing & Mass Communication, Athletics, Science, Finance & Investing, and Healthcare Services, among others. The Strong Interpretive Report adds more insight on the Basic Interest Scales where you scored the highest including information on typical interests and activities related to each listed category.

Occupational Scales

The 130 gender specific Occupational Scales provide a unique perspective comparing your Child’s interest patterns to those who report being happy in their line of work. The list of job families encompasses a wide and varying range of job types including categories such as Realtor, Optician, Credit Manager, Paralegal, Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Chemist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Law Enforcement Officer, and Software Developer among many others. This perspective provides a fresh approach to identifying new career exploration options for your child. With the addition of the Strong Interpretive Report, you are provided with new tools to help you better connect with your results. A list of typical work tasks is provided with your top 10 matching occupational scales that can help your child figure out if they would enjoy the activities they may partake in on a daily basis at the specified career path. A helpful section that listed selected knowledge, skills, and abilities that are important to each listed career path is also provided, which can be very helpful when narrowing down which options may be worth researching further.

Personality Style Scales

The 5 Personal Style Scales help assess your child’s preferred working & learning environment, as well as their team orientation preference. It also identifies their preferred leadership style and comfort level in risk taking situations and environments. Additional feedback is provided in the Strong Interpretive Report where suggestions are made on how to interpret your results in relation to work and learning situations.

Beyond High School Exploration

The Beyond High School exploration section offers result specific feedback on potential educational programs, volunteering options, as well as work environments for your child to consider. It also evaluates your child’s interests in order to provide additional feedback on how he or she might prefer to spend their work time and what they value in a place of employment.

Next Steps

Finally, the Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report provides a “Next Step” section that provides practical recommendations on how to use the included information during career exploration as well as direct interactions with future potential employers, such as during job interviews.

Technical Specifications:

Age Recommendation: 14 and up
Minimum Reading Level Requirement: 9th grade
Number of items: 291
Average online assessment time: 30 minutes

What Happens After You Make a Purchase?

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to complete your assessment(s) within 2-3 business hours. Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have purchased for “someone else”, we will email you to obtain basic information regarding your participant including their first, last name and email address to send them an email to complete their assessment(s).

Once an assessment is completed, you will receive your results as a PDF document to your email for you to print, share and do as you wish along with a link to schedule your complementary telephone or Zoom audio consultation with one of our certified/qualified interpreters to best understand your reports within 24 hours Monday-Friday. If you have completed a Myers-Briggs Assessment, your personality type will be verified for accuracy depending upon your clarity scores during your consultation appointment.

*Please note, The TKI Instrument, IStartStrong Assessment, and The MBTI Complete Assessment do not include consultations.

Bulk Purchases of 10 or more assessments include group consultations.

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