Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report



Entering close to the 100th-year celebration of the Strong Interest Inventory Profile® Report, this career exploration tool has undergone an expansion by creating a new inventory assessment entitled The Strong Interest Inventory 244 Career Satisfaction Report.

This assessment has been proven to assist individuals to expand career path awareness by measuring personal interest patterns, and now, with revisions released in 2023, includes the most up-to-date occupational information available.

The Strong Interest Inventory ® 244 Career Satisfaction Report enhances this renowned assessment by:

  • Creating it as Gender Neutral.
  • Containing 100 additional occupations for the respondent, totaling 243 occupations, up from 130 occupations on the classic Strong Interest Inventory®.
  • Adding a Satisfaction Score which tells the respondent how satisfied they will be in their best-fit careers.
  • Adding scores related to academic majors which has never been offered outside of a SII College add-on report. The Satisfaction report uses similarity and predictive satisfaction scores to give insight on how satisfied the respondent would be in 33 different academic majors.
  • Adds two additional Basic Interest Scales.
  • removes redundancies by reducing the number of questions from 291 to 244.
  • increases the sample size for data collection from 2,250 to 100,000 participants.
  • reporting 20 Top Occupations instead of 10.
  • Incorporates a single-letter Theme Code to flat profiles.

 Download Sample Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report



  • Time to Complete: Approximately 35 Minutes
  • Questions: 244
  • Length of Report/Results: 17 Pages

For the past century, The Strong Interest Inventory® has helped millions:

  • learn more about themselves by raising awareness of preferences in relation to occupation or college major selection.
  • broaden career exploration tactics by introducing occupations that may have not been previously considered.
  • develop confidence to make difficult career decisions based on personal likes and dislikes.
  • match individuals to their preferred work environments.

The Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report is an assessment used to identify vocational interest patterns by measuring a participant’s likes and dislikes. It is the successor to the Strong Interest Inventory® Profile assessment, which has been successfully providing guidance to career-driven individuals for nearly 100 years. This six-page report can assist with a multitude of career-defining moments such as:

  • a high school student deciding which course of study to choose.
  • an undecided collegiate student who wants to declare a major.
  • a person who is unhappy with their current occupation or working environment and wants to make a change or weigh their occupational options.
  • a retiree who wants to contribute additionally to the working or volunteer world in a field that matches their interests.
  • a person who wants to learn more about themselves for behavioral development.
  • anyone feeling overwhelmed by the career exploration process who would like a tool for narrowing down their options.

The Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report assigns the participant a General Occupational Theme (GOT), just as the previous versions of this assessment have. It also includes Basic Interest Scales (BIS) and Personal Style Scales (PSS) like those found in this assessment’s predecessor. However, the Occupational Scales have been completely redesigned to include both a Similarity Score and a Satisfaction Score. The Similarity Score resembles the degree of interest the participant has comparably to others who reported similarly in that field and is a familiar scoring model for this type of assessment. However, the Satisfaction Score has been added to demonstrate the probability of satisfaction the participant may have in the same occupation. In a column next to these scores, a culmination of the two scores (Similarity and Satisfaction) will report Top Jobs by providing zero to three stars for ease of readability.

Another refinement to the Strong Interest Inventory® Profile Report in the creation of the Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report is the addition of an Academic Major Score. This score presents the Satisfaction and Similarity Scores for over thirty college majors and identifies the participant’s Top 20 college majors which may be suited best based on likes and dislikes.

The last page of the report includes a profile summary. This page is a one-stop-shop for pinpointing the participant’s Theme Code and top and least areas of interest. A section of this page outlines the likelihood of behaviors displayed based on reported Personal Style Scales as well.

This report was updated from previous versions of the Strong Interest Inventory® Profile to stay relevant, inclusive, and updated. It is the first-ever produced gender-neutral report released by the Strong Interest Inventory® line of assessments. It has been adapted for the allowance of regular updates of occupations and job titles and considers a person’s satisfaction probability. It has a modern look and feel and is meant for allowing future development. This assessment also includes a free online technical supplement for those wanting to delve deeper into their scores. This supplemental information is available for order and is a living document undergoing constant updates and enhancements. Overall, the Strong Interest Inventory® Career Satisfaction Profile has taken career exploration and development to the next level.

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