Strong Sample Report

Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition Profile Plus Interpretive Report


Plan your collegiate and career future based on your interests with additional analysis and guidance.

Expand on the career focused recommendations and collegiate insight found in the Strong College Edition Profile with 9 additional pages of interpretive feedback found in this extensive 23 page Strong College Edition Profile plus Interpretive Report package. Find your best fit career path based on comparative analysis utilizing your like and dislike patterns when compared with other happy employees within 130 career families while receiving College based tips on optimal time management and major selection.

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Product Description


The 23-page Strong College Edition Plus Interpretive Report expands on the foundation laid out in the Strong College Edition profile by adding career focused insight with over 9 additional pages. This report also introduces “Action Steps” in the form of concise and effective exercises that can help you get the most out of your report.

Section Breakdown:

General Occupational Themes (GOTs)

The 6 General Occupational Themes provide a birds-eye view of a student’s interests. Each of the six themes (Realistic, Conventional, Investigative, Enterprising, Social, and Artistic) also provide related information on potential values, skills, and work activities.

Basic Interest Scales

The 30 Basic Interest Scales are introduced to provide a more focused perspective on a student’s likes and dislikes. They cover the full spectrum of interests including areas such as Social Sciences, Writing & Mass Communication, Law, Taxes & Accounting, Mathematics, Athletics and many others.

Occupational Scales

The 130 gender specific Occupational Scales provide a unique perspective comparing a student’s interest patterns to individuals who report being happy in their line of work. This list of job families covers a large variety of job types including Human Resource Manager, Occupational Therapist, Reporter, Graphic Designer, Realtor, Optician, Accountant, Software Developer, Geologist, Computer Scientist, Law Enforcement Officer, and Electrician among many others. This perspective provides a unique approach to identifying new career exploration options for the student.

Personal Style Scales

The five Personal Style Scales help identify a student’s preferred leadership style, team orientation, and learning environment. It also identifies their preferred work style as well as their comfort level with taking risks.

General Occupational Themes and College

This section identifies some of the top college majors related to the student’s three highest scoring General Occupational Themes.

Basic Interest Scales and College

This section provides a student with sample college courses, internships and job settings, as-well as campus activity ideas that might be worth exploring based on their top five Basic Interest Scales.

Occupational and College

This section provides additional useful information for your top ten scoring Occupational Scales. Each Occupational Scale is notated with its appropriate theme code and educational preparation requirements. Related college courses are included as well as examples of related careers associated with each of the top ten Occupational Scales.

Personal Style Scales and College

This section provides feedback pertaining to how a student prefers to approach academic majors, courses, and internships/jobs while in a school setting.

General Occupational Themes & The Interpretive Report

Expanded information on your top themes is provided with expanded definitions, career fields, leisure activities, and personal descriptors. Action Steps provide interactive guidelines to utilizing the information properly.

Basic Interest Scales & The Interpretive Report

Action Steps provide guidance toward understanding and utilizing your top five Basic Interest Scales alongside expanded explanations of each listed Basic Interest Scale.

Occupational Scales & The Interpretive Report

Utilize Action Steps and two new columns of information (Typical Work Tasks & Selected Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) to evaluate your top ten scoring Occupational Scales for compatibility.

Personal Style Scales & The Interpretive Report

Analyze how your Personal Style Scale results affect the career exploration process with the help of Action Steps and additional feedback.