FIRO-B® Profile


Learn how you best work with others through this profile, helping you to succeed in relationships at work and at home.

Whether you’re looking for direct answers regarding your own communication styles or you’re administering the FIRO-B® test to your employees, much insight is gained in how your team (or yourself) best works in situations with others. With the answers you receive from the FIRO-B profile, you can strive towards creating more efficient, trusting, and beneficial relationships, both at work and at home.

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Product Description



FIRO-B® Profile

A FIRO-B® Profile allows individuals to assess how their interpersonal connections with others—either at the office or in their everyday lives—are shaped by their inherent longing for inclusion (need to belong), control (need to lead), and affection (need for interpersonal closeness). In taking this assessment, you will find out what types of social interactions you work best in and those that you may not be as fond of.

Discovering your FIRO-B Profile can help you further understand how you work best in various social and business situations—whether that be in a group or alone—as well as how effective your leadership styles may be and how to best manage your team. After learning about your FIRO-B Profile, you can adjust certain actions and habits in order to become a more efficient and well-rounded employee and person.

Learning more about your FIRO-B Profile is also beneficial in understanding how to make yourself happier and more productive where you are—when you work more efficiently and see better results, you will most likely be happier with your career.

All in all, a FIRO-B Profile will help guide you into a more productive, communicative work style. The profile:

  • Aids your understanding in how to create a more concise work environment
  • Aids your understanding in how to increase types of communication and communication skills
  • Is beneficial to all sorts of positions in a business, including leadership positions