The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is designed to help individuals find a profitable and fulfilling career based on their personal and occupational interests and preferences. First released in 1927, it has been revised and perfected by multiple experts, and is now widely considered the highest regarded inventory of its kind on the market today. The Bicycle Repairers Career falls into the Investigative Theme Code Category of The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment. The Investigative Theme Code centers on critical thinking and problem solving. Individuals who are interested in computers, data analysis, mathematics, or the sciences in their profession as well as in their hobbies tend to score high in the Investigative Category within this Assessment.

Bicycle Repairers Career

Learn about a Bicycle Repairers career. This data rich write up includes information such as income, daily tasks, required education and more.

Those in a Bicycle Repairers career are responsible for repairing and servicing bicycles. This may include assembling new bicycles, installing or adjusting gear mechanisms, or installing, repairing, or even replacing handlebars, stands, lights, seats, or other accessories. In some cases, Bicycle Repairers may also need to align wheels or disassemble axels to repair defective parts, or even use scrapers and patchers to repair holes in tire tubes. In addition to repairing equipment, some Bicycle Repairers double as salespeople—communicating with potential customers to purchase goods or merchandise from their repair shop—or trainers, who instruct other Bicycle Repairers on how to improve or develop their mechanical knowledge or skills.

Repairing bicycles requires many different kinds of hand tools, including wrenches (adjustable, Allen wrenches, box end wrenches, hex wrenches, open end wrench sets), pliers, nut drivers, screw drivers, and hammers. They also require some tools that are more specific to bicycles, for instance chain cleaning brushes, air pumps, wheel alignment equipment and tire levelers and repairers. In terms of software, Bicycle Repairers may use database user interface and query software (e.g., Pedal Powered Software Bicycle Repair Man; RepairTRAX), in addition to the Microsoft Office Suite (especially Excel, Word, and Outlook) that are vital to maintaining the daily function of any business or organization.

Although 74% of Bicycle Repairers have a High School Diploma and most of the remaining have less, being a successful Bicycle Repairer does require a basic understanding of machines and tools, as well as engineering. They need strong people skills, a knack for personal and customer service, and a working knowledge of English, especially since much of their business is brought to them on a referral basis. Furthermore, Bicycle Repairers solve complex problems by first noticing fine distinctions in mechanical apparatuses, making an appropriate judgment as to how to approach the issue, and then execute the repair in a time-efficient manner.

A level of creativity and intuition in design is also beneficial to those functioning in a Bicycle Repairers career, as is the ability to identify underlying principles of mechanics and combine this knowledge in new ways to solve specific problems. However, actually executing repairs often requires manual and finger dexterity—the ability to quickly and precisely execute fine motor skills to manipulate and assemble small objects—in addition to near vision, depth perception, and category flexibility. It is also helpful for Bicycle Repairers to have a strong trunk and core, since they may need to lift heavy objects, repeatedly. In terms of organization, Bicycle Repairers, especially those who run their own shops, have to organize and prioritize their workload, manage and control resources and budgets, and explain goals and plans to others who may work with or under them.

The National Bicycle Repairers career salary ranges from $19,060 to $38,110, though it can jump as high as $44,000 in states like New York, California, and Florida, where commuting by bicycle is common. However, in states like Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee, where demand is lower, a Bicycle Repairer salary can drop significantly lower. That said, the rate of employment of Bicycle Repairers is projected to increase more than 5% in nearly every state, with a Nationwide average of 21.7%. States like Florida, Idaho, Colorado, and New Hampshire, are projected to grow particularly quickly.

Below are some employment trends for Bicycle Repairers:

  • Median Salary: $14.58 hourly, $30,330 annually
  • Employment:12,200 employees
  • Projected growth (2018-2028): Faster than average (7% to 10%)
  • Projected job openings (2018-2028): 1,500
[Information retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and 2018-2028 employment projections]

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