MBTI® Communication Styles Report: Tips For Better Communication With Family, Friends, And Co-Workers

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MBTI® Communication Styles

Communication is the backbone of Society.  Friendships, Families, and even Empires rose and fell based on strong communication, or the lack of it.  To this day, we continuously strive to improve our ability to communicate effectively with our friends, family, and co-workers.  In today’s blog we cover some helpful tips for better communication to help you be more productive with the various people in your life.

Tip #1 In Our Tips For Better Communicaiton: The first thing that you should realize is that communication is a lot like the ocean, you must be able to adjust for different individuals just like you would adjust for different water conditions.  It is imperative that you are able to truly listen to and understand the perspective of others.  Then you must communicate the information people want and need in a way that encourages them to listen (CPP, 2003).  Forcing your communication style on someone that isn’t receptive to it can be just as messy as trying to head into a tropical storm head-on.  You can learn how to deal with different types of individuals by getting the MBTI Communication Styles Report .

Tip #2 In Our Tips For Better Communication:  Some individuals prefer in-depth information and step-by-step processes when communicating.  Others might become impatient with in-depth information and may tune out.  They may need to hear an overview of the information in advance before it becomes relevant to them.  Some people are drawn in by personal stories, while others need to be convinced by logic (CPP, 2003).  The master communicators of this world are able adapt their communication style to the point that it flows naturally like water.

Tip #3 In Our Tips For Better Communication:  The next thing that you should strive for when communicating with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers is balance.  It may seem simple, but it’s very easy for an individual to focus solely on communicating their points across and being oblivious to the needs of the other people involved.  It is crucial that you find a balance between meeting your own needs and those of others (CPP, 2003).  The MBTI Communication Styles Report can help identify your communication style.  Some individuals are naturally assertive and have no problems expressing their feelings, while others have a harder time stating their needs and perspectives up front.  If you are of the assertive nature, be careful not to become overly domineering, and make an effort to give the other individual an opportunity to express their feelings.

Finally, take some time to figure out if you naturally feel more comfortable giving corrective or positive feedback.  Everyone has a natural tendency to prefer one or the other.  If you prefer to give people critiques and corrective criticism, learn to incorporate more positive feedback, because some people will take your critiques personally.  If you only feel comfortable providing positive feedback, work on adding some critiques, as they are essential for behavioral changes.  Both corrective and positive feedback are essential learning tools in the workplace and at home (CPP, 2003).  If you’re unsure of your type, then you can take the Myers Briggs test to help you identify your personality type and communication preferences.

Tip #4 In Our Tips For Better Communication: Realize that knowing truly is half the battle, but you also need to learn how to properly implement the information you have gathered.  You now know what to do in order to improve your communication skills, but how do you best implement these tips?   The most important thing is to figure out your personality type and how you deal best with others.  The MBTI Communication Style Report is a great tool that highlights your strengths and overall approach to communication, offers other practical tips for communicating effectively, and describes in detail your communication style for each MBTI preference.  To get your MBTI Communication Style Report check it out under the MBTI Assessment page or simply click here.

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