MBTI® and FIRO-B® Leadership Report: How This Can Help You Be A More Effective Leader and Manager

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The Leadership Report Using The FIRO-B® and MBTI® test begins with an explanation of your leadership style according to your Myers-Briggs® personality type.  This Report is based on The FIRO® test and The MBTI test, the most widely used personality assessment in the world that has been proven to be the best personality test as well as an occupational test to determine careers. Those that take the Myers-Briggs® test testify to its incredible accuracy and validity.

In this blog we will dissect the Leadership report, its parts, and how it can help you and your employees gain a better understanding of their “leadership styles”, “approaches to leadership”, and “leadership roles”. This information can be extremely helpful in corporate settings when deciding whether to promote from within, whom to retain, team building as well as in building employee cohesiveness.

Your “leadership style” is provided in the following ways within The Leadership Report:

  • How you prefer to lead; for example by motivating others
  • How you tend to contribute to your corporate or business environment
  • What you tend to value in a leadership role; for instance competence or ingenuity
  • How you go about making decisions
  • What type of leadership style you tend to project to others

Following your “leadership style”, your “leadership approach” is discussed and evaluated in accordance with both your FIRO-B results and your MBTI personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® contribution to your leadership characteristics is referred to as your MBTI “Lens”, while your FIRO-B contribution to this analysis is referred to as your FIRO-B “Filter” (CPP, 2009). It is your MBTI Lens and your FIRO-B Filter that provides this report its effective and highly efficient result oriented conclusions. With this said, here is an example in which your “leadership approach” would be explained within The Leader Report Using The FIRO-B and MBTI test. This is an example of an ENTJ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type, and a person who scored high in the Control area of The Firo-B (you can assume that your results, with a different MBTI Type and FIRO-B score would have different content but similar structure and “feel”. This should give you a good idea of what this portion of your results will look like):

How you prefer to help other work towards goals

For instance, an MBTI ENTJ Personality Type who also scored high in the Control measurement on The FIRO-B, tend to provide structure and plans to others utilizing their Control characteristic as well as their Thinking/Judging preferences. Thinking and Judging preferences usually equate to logical reasoning and being a well organized person, while The Control Lens helps in the area of structuring and scheduling others.

This powerful Combined Report continues with an overview of your FIRO-B results, including an explanation of your need for Inclusion, Control, and Affection- the three basic interpersonal needs measured by The FIRO-B test. However, The Leadership Report using The FIRO-B test and MBTI test takes this a step further and discusses “The roles you take on in an Organization” (CPP, 2009). Let’s take a closer look at this section of the report.

The Roles You Take On In An Organization

There are three corporate roles explained in The Report, which are based on your FIRO-B interpersonal need for Inclusion, Control, and Affection and those needs of your co-workers and colleagues, which become apparent through how you answer the questions on your FIRO Assessment  The three organizational roles are:

  • The Clarifier
  • The Director
  • The Encourager

There are numerous characteristics of the three Firo-B Leadership Organizational Roles. We will cover a few of these characteristics.

 The Clarifier

 According to the text, “Participating in Teams” by Eugene Schnell, The Clarifier Role consists if the following:

  • Pulls together ideas
  • Summarizes and clarifies discussions
  • Creates ways for everyone to participate
  • Integrates everyone into discussion

 The Director

            Eugene Schnell explains The Director’s role as the following:

Someone who:

  • Is mindful of tasks and time limits
  • Suggests closure, directs action
  • Guides assignments
  • Offers structure for decision making

 The Encourager

            The Encourager’s role is explained as someone who:

  • Mediates conflicts
  • Identifies the energy and resistance levels in the group
  • Promotes intimacy and engagement
  • Harmonizes personal sensitivities

Understanding yourself and your employees leadership style, corporate innate role, and leadership approach can be of great value in employee retention, placement, team evaluation, management building and corporate success so do not pass on the opportunity to learn more about your corporate identity and of those whom you employ and oversee. To purchase and complete the Leadership Report Using The FIRO-B and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Report Click Here or go to our FIRO-B Page.

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