MBTI® STEP II™ Interpretive Report: Part 2: Extraversion and Introversion Facets

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In our previous blog on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicato®r Step II™ Interpretive Report we overviewed the additions and changes that the MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report provides. Moving forward, we focus on the facets, or “sub categories”, associated with each main dichotomy present in the MBTI Step II Interpretive Report.  The four MBTI STEP II dichotomies are Extraversion and Introversion, … Read More

MBTI® Career Test: Type and The Career Exploration Process

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Each MBTI® Personality Type person goes about seeking a career change differently.  The world is made up of 16 different types of people or 16 different personalities. With the help of The MBTI Career Report and this knowledge we can dissect how each type of person tends to prefer to set career goals, gather new career based information, make contact … Read More

MBTI® STEP II™ Interpretive Report Part 1: Overview

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If all of our in-depth natural personality type data was gathered into a giant book, then the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step II ™ Interpretive Report would be the ultimate Cliff Notes to our personality.  The MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report includes all of the data of the MBTI Interpretive Report and then goes a step further by breaking down each … Read More

MBTI® Communication Styles Report: Tips For Better Communication With Family, Friends, And Co-Workers

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MBTI® Communication Styles Communication is the backbone of Society.  Friendships, Families, and even Empires rose and fell based on strong communication, or the lack of it.  To this day, we continuously strive to improve our ability to communicate effectively with our friends, family, and co-workers.  In today’s blog we cover some helpful tips for better communication to help you be … Read More

Strong interest Inventory® Occupational Scales: A Closer Look

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Strong Interest Inventory Occupational Scales (OSs), in my opinion, should win MVP honors when it comes to the Strong Interest Inventory test.  Unfortunately, when the Strong Inventory is mentioned, it’s common for the RIASEC Hexagon and the General Occupational Themes (GOTs) to receive most of the initial attention.  Less in the spotlight, but equality as important, are the Occupation Scales.  This … Read More

Boost Employee Efficiency With The FIRO-B® Test Interpretive Report For Organizations

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Do you want to know which of your employees are more effective team members and which are more efficient working alone? Do you wonder, as a manager, which employees to place on organized teams and which employees to assign independent tasks? Do you want to know which employees function more efficiently with more control over their workplace and which seem … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® Profile versus Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

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The Strong Interest Inventory® test is a powerful assessment test that can be extremely helpful when making decisions concerning your career and educational decisions.  The Interest Inventory’s popularity has lead to many inquiries spanning everything from validity of the instrument to topics concerning it’s synergy with other assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test.  One of the most frequently asked … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® test: What an Interest Inventory Can Do For You. How Taking One Can Help and Why.

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Searching for an Interest Inventory online brings you to a plethora of options.  Here at Career Assessment Site we recommend the Strong Interest Inventory® test based on its long history and credibility, but beyond this point there are questions you should ask yourself when looking for a career assessment test.  A proper Interest Inventory should help you answer questions like:         … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report Explained

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One of the most helpful and thorough career reports available is The Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report with Strong Profile. This Strong and MBTI assessment can help you determine your best-fit career by combining the powerful interest inventory named The Strong Interest Inventory and an unsurpassed personality assessment named The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, resulting in a 14 page report … Read More

The MBTI® Career Report can help you with a successful career search

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MBTI® Career Report  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report helps to determine your best-fit career in accordance with your personality type and provides job families and occupations that coincide with your type.  it is important to remember that the Myers-Briggs is a restricted assessment and indicator and one must be level B certified by CPP inc to administer this assessment. … Read More

Career Trends: Five Career Paths On The Decline. Is Your Job Going The Way Of The Dodos?

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Career trends can be difficult to predict, but there is one steadfast factor that we can always rely on: time and technology change everything.  In the last fifty years we have made more life altering technical advancement then the rest of human history combined, and we continue to increase our technical advancements exponentially.  When planning your future career it is … Read More

Career Trends: Looking For A Career Path With A Future? The 5 Fastest Growing Occupations In America

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Career trends are on the rise in particular jobs sectors, but still falling in others. Picking a career path is one of the most influential decisions we make in our lives.  Over the last three years, the job market has been turned upside down with the highest unemployment figures in decades. Some job types are simply disappearing from existence.  Today’s … Read More