Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report Explained

In Careers, MBTI, Personality Type, Strong Interest Inventory by Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder

One of the most helpful and thorough career reports available is The Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report with Strong Profile. This Strong and MBTI assessment can help you determine your best-fit career by combining the powerful interest inventory named The Strong Interest Inventory and an unsurpassed personality assessment named The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, resulting in a 14 page report geared directly toward your needs.

The Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile begins with a summary of your Strong and MBTI results. Your Strong summary includes your highest general occupation theme. A Strong Interest Inventory general occupation theme consists of six categories that place you at certain levels of interests. These categories include:

  • Artistic
  • Investigative
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Conventional
  • Realistic

So you might ask yourself how these themes can help point you in the direction of a good and successful career fit. Well, through many years of research and manpower, The Strong Interest Inventory has become the most widely used interest instrument with very high success rates and valid results.

Perhaps you might learn that your theme code includes The Artistic theme. Your Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile would explain to you the importance of creative activities and creative work environments. Artistic environments are usually less structured, unconventional and focus on self-expression.

As the title states, The Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile combines both what you might like to do (The Strong) and who you are (The MBTI).  Your MBTI results are explained in the form of your four-letter personality type, which is summarized and explained in your results.

Continuing with our example above, when an individual with an Artistic theme code is matched with say an ENTP MBTI personality Type (Extroverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving) a powerful combination is created. The powerful combination of interests and personality are the focus of this report. Specifically, information you will receive from The Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report With Strong Profile includes:

  • An explanation of your particular work style
  • An explanation of your most preferred learning environment
  • How comfortable you are with risk taking
  • How comfortable you are interacting and working within a team setting

Next, career fields are covered for your combined theme code and personality type.  Your “top occupations” or the occupations that most suit you are listed and explained with typical work tasks, knowledge, skills and abilities for each occupation listed. This is truly invaluable for individuals searching for career direction.  Furthermore, “occupations to explore” are listed that relate to your Strong Interest results and MBTI results individually, giving you more opportunity to research occupational possibilities.  With this information, the government database O*Net is provided where you may further research your listed occupations and find an abundance of information on each occupation including employment growth, required skills, and required education.

The last six pages of your Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile challenges you to answer questions about yourself and your career search. It covers the critical thinking we might not normally present to ourselves, but are very important to succeed in a career search.  This section of the report is an interactive portion and can be of great help. The questions asked are predetermined to your personality type and Strong Interest theme code.

The Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile does not only enrich the career exploration process while helping you determine your best-fit career, but also enriches you personally and professionally. It is thorough and conclusive in its description of its users.  To get your Strong and MBTI Combined Career Report with Strong Profile you can do so by clicking HERE.

Thank You for reading and don’t forget to acquire and achieve personal and professional success each and everyday!