MBTI® Career Test: Type and The Career Exploration Process

In Careers, MBTI by Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder

Each MBTI® Personality Type person goes about seeking a career change differently.  The world is made up of 16 different types of people or 16 different personalities. With the help of The MBTI Career Report and this knowledge we can dissect how each type of person tends to prefer to set career goals, gather new career based information, make contact with the necessary persons or organizations for career change, and finally how they go about making the final decision to change careers.

So you might ask, why do I need to know this about myself?  How will learning what my four-letter MBTI Type is and learning how I go through the career process help me finally land the career I have been waiting for?

Well there is no simple answer to this except that the more you know about who you are and what you do, the more effective you will be in finding the career you have been wanting and waiting for.  Remember that Knowledge Is Power.  Continue reading this series of blogs.  Complete an online MBTI Career Assessment and learn about your personality type.  Once you see that there are plenty of people out there who follow the same patterns as you during a career search, and you study these patterns, second guessing yourself will fall by the waist side.  You will begin to focus on your strengths, becoming more effective and efficient, leading you to the career that is right for you.

Perhaps you have become frustrated with yourself, as you do not believe you can help a loved one with their career search and you don’t understand what else you can do for your spouse of child?

Countless spouses and parents precisely in this position have contacted us.  One must understand that it has to be the person in question to make the step to help him or herself, though there is nothing wrong with explaining or telling your spouse or child that there is help. Getting to know themselves through a simple MBTI Assessment can alleviate that feeling of alienation a great deal and can furthermore lead to a higher understanding of oneself, which in turn will surely aid with their self-esteem and career search.

So let us get a little technical so that you may have an idea of what information is available.   As an example of how a particular personality type goes about the career exploration process, we will discuss The MBTI ISTJ Personality Type. The ISTJ is an Introverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging Type person.

According to the text Introduction To Type and Careers authored by Allen H. Hammer, The ISTJ prefers the following career exploration processes:

Setting Goals

The ISTJ Personality Type has immediate, tangible, traditional goals.  They will normally have an action plan in order to achieve these goals.  This coincides with The ISTJ logical and traditional type personality.

Gathering Information

ISTJ’s consult career libraries or data-basis for job-related facts and statistics.  They collect just enough facts to make a decision.

Making Contact

The ISTJ makes contact with others carefully and only to selected experts or don’t network at all. If they do network, they might not want to, though will do so as it seems logical to do so.

Making Decisions

When making decisions, The ISTJ will conduct a logical analysis of career alternatives, weighing the pros and cons of each.

The ISTJ personality type is only one of the 16 MBTI Personality Types.  To understand your personality type and careers go to our Myers Briggs Products Page and complete The MBTI Career Report.