The FIRO-B® Test: Honing in on Your Interpersonal Wants and Needs

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderFIRO

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior assessment, also known as the FIRO-B® test, was originally created by William Shutz in 1958. Shutz believed that we all have needs that exist in varying degrees over and above our basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. His work and conclusions rallied around the thesis that our interpersonal relations and how we want to interact … Read More

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Test (MBTI® Test) Personality Type Dichotomies

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderMBTI, Personality Type, Resources

Explanation of the 16 MBTI test personality types and how they differ The 16 personality types, of which the Myers-Briggs® test is based, include four pairs of opposite characteristics, including Introversion or Extroversion, thinking-feeling, Sensing or Intuition, and Perceiving or Judging. An introverted person would usually have the tendency to prefer to learn from books and the written word as opposed to … Read More