How The Strong Interest Inventory® Test Reflects Counseling Preferences

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Strong Interest Inventory® Counseling Preferences Each college student is different and therefore approaches college counseling in different manners. The Strong Interest inventory® Themes reflects on how each student approaches college and career counseling differently. Learning your counseling preference can help you choose the right career, guidance and career counselor that best fits your needs.  If you are a career or … Read More

The Myers-Briggs® Test and Employee Retention

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Myers-Briggs® Test Internal work environment dynamics vary a great deal. Considering what type of personalities best fit within different departments is of the utmost importance in corporate settings. For example, one might not get the best results when placing an Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Introverted Type person in a large group business environment, just as you might not in placing an Extraverted … Read More

Tips On How to job interview as an Introvert

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It is well known that an MBTI Introverted Type does not prefer the job interviewing process. Frankly, most Introverts find it somewhat painstaking, and at times even borderline unbearable. So we at Career Assessment Site have created this blog to help those introverted type personalities with some tips on how to best prepare yourself and your state of mind for … Read More

College Major Assessment: How Do College Students Learn Best?

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College Major Assessments Learning & The Eight Dichotomies: Extraversion, Introversion, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Judging, and Perceiving. Everyone learns differently. The world is split into 16 different Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) Personality Types. Hence we learn in 16 different ways. Of course, these learning styles still vary slightly, though our innate preferred learning style, that is, how we were born to learn, … Read More

How MBTI® Personality Types Choose College Majors

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The MBTI Test and College Majors MBTI® Types vary in many ways and this holds true for their college major selection process. Whether it is which college majors they choose, or the decision-making process they go through to choose such college majors, college students vary in both processes. We have previously discussed the varying choices of college major curriculum by … Read More

The MBTI® Test: Are You In The Grip?

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MBTI® Test We have mentioned numerous times in our blogs the importance of knowing your MBTI® Personality Type, though we have spent less time discussing the other side of your Type known as your less preferred functions, also known as your “inferior functions”.  Your less preferred functions are the parts of your personality that you do not use as often, … Read More

FIRO-B® Test Team Results, Behavior and Team Conflict

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Though your FIRO-B® test results do not necessarily directly cause team conflict, they can reinforce certain types of problematic situations and lay the groundwork for unhealthy conflict.  As a team leader, or team member, you want to understand what specific issues can arise from each team member’s FIRO-B interpersonal needs. With this information, you will be able to better recognize … Read More

MBTI® Test and Careers: Personality Strengths and Career Obstacles

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Searching for a career can be anxiety provoking and frankly quite intimidating. For those of you who have been unemployed or in a career that does not suit you, you can relate to these feelings. The Combined Strong and MBTI® Career Report was invented to help people understand their career preferences and interests in order to help people like you … Read More

MBTI® Career Test: Type and The Career Exploration Process

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Each MBTI® Personality Type person goes about seeking a career change differently.  The world is made up of 16 different types of people or 16 different personalities. With the help of The MBTI Career Report and this knowledge we can dissect how each type of person tends to prefer to set career goals, gather new career based information, make contact … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition test : How This Report Can Help Pick College Majors

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The Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition contains important information for High School juniors, seniors and College Students. This information includes college majors that coincide with each individual’s test results. Lists of college majors are listed for each test taker, which coincide with their interests. The Strong Interest Inventory test areas of which college majors are based on include: Artistic    Students … Read More

MBTI® and FIRO-B® Leadership Report: How This Can Help You Be A More Effective Leader and Manager

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The Leadership Report Using The FIRO-B® and MBTI® test begins with an explanation of your leadership style according to your Myers-Briggs® personality type.  This Report is based on The FIRO® test and The MBTI test, the most widely used personality assessment in the world that has been proven to be the best personality test as well as an occupational test to determine … Read More

Boost Employee Efficiency With The FIRO-B® Test Interpretive Report For Organizations

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Do you want to know which of your employees are more effective team members and which are more efficient working alone? Do you wonder, as a manager, which employees to place on organized teams and which employees to assign independent tasks? Do you want to know which employees function more efficiently with more control over their workplace and which seem … Read More