Tips On How to job interview as an Introvert

In Careers, Personality Type by Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder

Picture Introvert InterviewingIt is well known that an MBTI Introverted Type does not prefer the job interviewing process. Frankly, most Introverts find it somewhat painstaking, and at times even borderline unbearable. So we at Career Assessment Site have created this blog to help those introverted type personalities with some tips on how to best prepare yourself and your state of mind for that upcoming interview.

Practice makes perfect, so prepare!

Introverts do best when they have time to think through what they are going to say. Therefore, prepare notes and rehears several days in advance about how you will answer the most commonly asked questions and discussed topics during a job interview. You can rehears with a friend, family member, or perhaps your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. These topics include:

  • Your personal history
  • Your Occupational History
  • Your Education
  • What was your favorite subject in school?
  • Your Hobbies (what you like to do when you are not working)- this can prove very important, more so then you might think to an interviewer, it shows character.
  • Your Strengths and Weaknesses. What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses and how do you believe you can contribute to the company and position you are applying for?

The Day Before Your Interview

One of the most important things for introvert’s good state of mind is to have some alone time. This is how introverts recharge their batteries and regain their strength. So take some quite time for yourself the day before your interview. Read a book, relax and partake in something that you enjoy.

While In The Interview

  1. Remember To Make Eye Contact with the interviewer while responding to his or her questions. Eye contact beams self-confidence and let’s someone know you have nothing to hide.
  2. When you enter the room, introduce yourself; do not wait to be introduced or for the interviewer to do the introducing.
  3. Try to control the flow of the interview by speaking clearly and giving direct answers. Some small talk would not hurt either, if you are up for it, and feeling good.
  4. Try not to be too brief in your answers. Expand where and when you can, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself, expand where is appropriate. This is difficult for Introverts, so do the best you can.

Exiting The Interview

Be sure to leave as you entered with confidence. A strong exit can be just as important as an entrance

Even if you believe the interview did not go as well as you might have liked thank the interviewer for his or her time with eye contact and thank him or her for giving you the opportunity to interview for the position. The interview could have gone well and you could just be being hard on yourself so stay self-confident that you have received the position.