MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report

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Get to the core of your personality by exploring the inter-workings of what makes up your MBTI® personality type.

The MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report outlines your personality on a grand scale, providing you with a detailed analysis of the facets that make up your persona. Discover how your personality best manages conflict, how the different parts of your personality work together to make decisions or gather information, how your personality type best communicates with others, and how you best deal with change in your life. Each broken-down dichotomy of your MBTI test personality type offers you a wealth of information to find out how your personality is formed.

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The MBTI Step II Interpretive Report builds upon the information present in the MBTI Step II Profile and continues to take your personality’s examination a step further. You’ll receive instruction on how to read your results (provided in easy-to-understand graphs), and with each facet of your personality comes examples of how your type would react in specific situations, how you perceive yourself in these moments, and what your MBTI personality type is likely to think when certain events occur. Each of the 20 facets of your MBTI type is explained thoroughly, and these results are applied to sections that explain how you work (making decisions, communicating, adapting to change, and managing conflict).

Tips for particular situations are also given with each section; for example, in the analysis of how you make decisions, you’ll find pointers for how your MBTI type most efficiently solves problems, both on an individual and a group level. The detail and depth explored with the MBTI Step II Interpretive Report offers much more than just telling you your personality type—you’ll learn how to best use this type information to your advantage.

After realizing all of these inner processes that you may have been unaware of, you can apply your MBTI Step II Interpretive Report results to various situations and areas of your life, such as making yourself the best at your current place of work, changing positions or career paths, working on your personal relationships and communication, and many more.

  • A 17-page analysis of your personality type, its facets, and how you can best utilize this newly discovered information
  • Indexes offering easy-to-understand descriptions of your scores