Strong Interest Inventory® & Skills Confidence Profile + Strong College Profile


Start college off right with a detailed report on your interests and preferences as well as where you have the most confidence in yourself with these package profiles.

This complete-package combination of Strong Interest Inventory® based profiles works to set you up for success in college and beyond by detailing your interests and preferences and offering sample majors and courses that match best with what you enjoy doing. Furthermore, this package investigates your confidence level in these interests, comparing your trust in your abilities to your interests. With the information gained from these two profiles, you’ll have a better idea of which direction your collegiate path should go, and how to best set yourself up for a satisfying and successful career after graduation.

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Product Description



Strong Interest Inventory® & Skills Confidence Profile

This profile combines the features of a Strong Interest Inventory® College Profile—an in-depth look at your interests and preferences—with a detailed depiction of how you feel about these categories. Discovering your confidence in certain areas can help you decide whether or not to pursue a career in that field, whether or not you should continue on the career path you are on, or whether or not you should work towards certain skills that will aid you in your career path.

After learning about yourself in terms of your interests and potential satisfying occupations, take a look at how confident you are in your abilities and skills that coincide with these interests. The Skills Confidence charts depict:

  • A map of six occupational areas and your self-assuredness in your abilities that relate to each area
  • A list of typical skills that these occupational areas are known for
  • A match-up of your confidence levels in these occupational areas AND your interest levels in them as established by the Strong Profile

Strong Interest Inventory® College Profile

The Strong Interest Inventory® College Profile is a beneficial tool for those just about to enter college and those who aren’t seeing fulfillment in their current college experience. With its in-depth analysis of your preferences and interests, as well as its extensive report detailing many areas of your life, the Strong Interest Inventory College Profile helps students forge the right path for their future in the working world and their personal lives. The Strong Interest Inventory College Profile doesn’t just stop at majors, either. College course descriptions, extracurricular suggestions, favored style of work and environment to work in, and career guidance are also uncovered, allowing you to mold your entire college experience (and future employment after graduation) around what makes you happy.

In the Strong Interest Inventory College Edition Profile, you’ll find:

  • A list of six broad General Occupational Themes and your interests’ emphasis in each (Social, Artistic, Enterprising, Conventional, Investigative, and Realistic)
  • Thirty areas of interest and your preferences in them, providing you with more information on what these interests mean to you
  • A top-ten list of your matched occupations
  • Five personalized scales depicting your favored ways of learning, managing, working alone and in groups, and taking chances in the workplace

Combined, these two profiles provide you with the self-assuredness and materials to help you choose a collegiate path that best matches with your likes and dislikes, ultimately helping lead you to a more successful and satisfying career choice after college’s end.