MBTI Types: ISTJ Personalities and Learning Styles

Geeta AnejaISTJ, Learning Styles, MBTI

Every single one of us has at some point in our lives squandered countless hours trying in vain to memorize volumes of information. Whether we are grade-school students studying for exams, professionals seeking a vocational certification, or administrators preparing for presentations, we’ve all tried “studying hard” only to find our efforts fruitless. Luckily, recent breakthroughs in research on Myers-Briggs® Personality … Read More

MBTI® ISTJ Personalities and Decision Making

Geeta AnejaISTJ, MBTI, Type and Decision-Making

You and your co-workers’ Myers-Briggs® Personality Type (MBTI®) can affect how decisions are made, both as individuals and as a group or team. Not only can your MBTI personality type influence final agreements that are reached, but it can also affect the process, including what information is considered important by different individuals, how negotiations take place, and what final outcomes … Read More

Myers-Briggs® MBTI® Test ISTJ Personality Types and Communication

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderCommunication and Type, ISTJ, MBTI, Personality Type

The Myers-Briggs® MBTI® Test ISTJ Personality Type and Communication Differences. We have all heard the saying that “Communication is Key”. Communication can often be misunderstood between two individuals and we have to wonder why this is? Why is that at times one individual might state something clearly and with no ill intent, while another individual receives this expression in a … Read More

Myers-Briggs® MBTI® Test ISTJ Personality Types and Leadership

Sparkos MerrimanBlogs, Business and Leadership, ISTJ, Leadership, MBTI, Personality Type

ISTJ Personality Types and Leadership Knowing the potential assets and challenges that face us as leaders can be closely examined by analyzing your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality type. Obtaining a better grasp on your personality type preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, as a leader, will not only help you understand your core values but aid in developing a leadership style that … Read More

Myers-Briggs® Test ISTJ Personality Type and Innovation

Taylor MicaelaBlogs, Innovation, ISTJ, MBTI, Personality Type

ISTJ Personality Type and Innovation Each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type has its own way of creating ideas and seeing those ideas come to fruition. Honing in on your Myers-Briggs® Test Type’s strengths and weaknesses in the field of innovation can help you focus your energies on specific stages, areas, and roles in creative moments. This week, we’ll explore how … Read More

The Myers-Briggs® Test ISTJ Personality Type and Project Management

Taylor MicaelaBlogs, ISTJ, MBTI, Personality Type, Project Management

ISTJ Personality Type And Project Management Depending on your Myers-Briggs® Test Personality Type, you may find that you work best at different stages of a project or in different roles in a group. By learning about how your group’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Types best work when it comes to completing projects, you can set yourself up from success at the beginning, … Read More

The MBTI® Test ISTJ Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence

Taylor MicaelaBlogs, Emotional Intelligence, ISTJ, MBTI, Personality Type

MBTI® ISTJ Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence Each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality Type has a varying level of emotional intelligence—whether they are best at dealing with emotions internally (intrapersonal) or best at expressing their emotions openly with others (interpersonal), everyone has a different way of dealing with their feelings and understanding the feelings of those around them. This week, … Read More

MBTI® Test ISTJ:The Hallmark of The MBTI Personality Type in Teams

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderISTJ, MBTI, Personality Type, Team Culture

Starting this week, along with our celebrity blog series, which focuses on Myers-Briggs Personality Type and celebrities, we will be writing an additional series of blogs entitled The Hallmark of The MBTI® Personality Type in Teams.  This series of blogs is based on The Booklet, “Introduction To Type And Teams” by Elizabeth, Katherine, and Sandra Hirsh (CPP, 2003). In this … Read More

Celebrity MBTI® Test: George Washington Personality Type ISTJ, Lead Like A Founding Father

Leon Jesmanowicz, Vice-PresidentISTJ, MBTI, MBTI Celebrities, Personality Type

George Washington Personality Type This week marks the beginning of a sixteen-part blog series focusing on different Myers-Briggs® test Personality Types and a Celebrity throughout history that matches the MBTI® Type.  It’s appropriate that we begin this series with our first president and a great example of the ISTJ Type, George Washington. The ISTJ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type combines Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, … Read More