Myers Briggs® ENFJs and Communication

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Workplace miscommunications often squander resources that could be better spent working towards maximizing output and production and increasing an organization’s efficiency. For years, they were considered an inevitable result of people working together in a close, fast-paced environment. However, recent research has linked Myers Briggs® Personality Types to individual tendencies and quirks of communication. Dunning (2003), builds on this research … Read More

MBTI® Test ENFJ Personality Type and Project Management Preferences

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  Your team members’ Myers Briggs® Personality Type  (MBTI®) can provide valuable insights into the manner in which they may approach various projects they are assigned. Being cognizant of team strengths and preferences can help leaders and teams anticipate the optimal ways to utilize the talents of individual team members and harness the team as a whole. Ultimately, doing so … Read More

Myers-Briggs® (MBTI® Test) ENFJ Personality Types and Leadership

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Today’s fast-paced working environment is more complex and more challenging than it has ever been in the past, and it’s only getting faster (Richmond, 2008). The more aware leaders are of their strengths, the more effectively and efficiently they can guide their teams to success. This week’s blog explores Extroverted-Intuition with Feeling-Judging or more simply put the MBTI® ENFJ personality … Read More