Information Technology Project Managers belong to the Enterprising Theme Code Category of the Strong Interest Inventory® Test. Since its inception in1927, the Strong® Inventory has been widely used to evaluate individuals’ work preferences and interest patterns to help them find careers which they are likely to find fulfilling and enjoyable. The Enterprising Theme Code Category centers around business practices and customer or client relationships, and includes careers relating to law, business, sales, and management. Individuals with Enterprising tendencies often make powerful leaders who thrive in situations where they can organize other individuals to have an optimal impact.

An IT Manager is responsible for planning, initiating, and managing projects relating to Information Technology, including their budget, scope, and timeline. Detailed plans for products ensure that they have the highest likelihood of success so the project can be easily disseminated to all workers and upper management. Such details may include the project’s objectives, staffing and budgetary needs, and any technology, systems, or information specifications. Once this plan is created, an IT Manager keeps careful track of the project’s milestones and ensures that all stakeholders are kept up-to-date on the latest developments. Related macro-level trends may also need to be noted, logged, and compiled into status reports. IT Managers may also conduct quality checks to ensure a high standard of deliverables.

IT Manager Career Information

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In addition to these logistical responsibilities, an IT Manager also manages the people who complete even the smallest tasks relating to the project. These may include interviewing, recruiting, and hiring personnel. They communicate and coordinate their activities, assigning duties, scheduling and facilitating meetings, and conducting performance reviews. In some cases, these managers identify vendors or consultants who can meet more technical needs of the project, which a corporation may not be able to complete efficiently in-house.

IT Managers do most their business on computers, tablets, and cell phones. They may also need to use high capacity removable media drives, such as large USB drives, and computer servers that store high volumes of data. The software they use can be sorted into several broad categories. Database user interface and query software (e.g., FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server), development environment software (e.g., Apache Maven, Integrated development environment software), and enterprise resource planning software (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite ERP, and Oracle Hyperion) are all essential. They also use software specific to project management (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint) as well as web platform development software, like Google AngularJS.

Information Technology Project Managers have a solid foundation in customer service and management, in addition to a basic understanding of computers and mathematics. Their daily activities are intensely communication-related. Therefore, strong skills in written and spoken English are essential. For international businesses, multilingual skills are valuable as well. Well over 80% of Information Technology Project Managers hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, with 6% holding a Master’s degree and 10% holding a post-baccalaureate certificate. Higher education is essential for developing the depth and breadth of expertise of a Project Manager in this field.

The median wages of computer occupations overall across the country is over $84,000, which is roughly $40 per hour. However, the best-paid computer professionals across the country earn an average of $129,000, with those in the costliest states of New York and California, making over $140,000 per year. The growth rate is expected to be fairly high in specific states, especially the western states of Utah, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and California, each of which is estimated to grow by over 20% before 2024. California alone is projected to add 5,000 new jobs in the next several years.

Below are some employment trends for Information Technology Project Managers:

  • Median IT Manager Salary: $40.98 hourly; $85,240 annually
  • Employment: 233,000 employees
  • Projected growth (2014-2024): Slower than average (2% to 4%)
  • Projected job openings (2014-2024): 37,700
[Information retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and 2014-2024 employment projections]


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  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and 2014-2022 employment projections