Strong Interest Inventory® High School Edition Profile


It is never too early to help your high school level child prepare for their future. Utilize the Strong Interest Inventory High School Edition report to get a head start on career and educational exploration.

Jump start your child’s future and send them in the right direction with this empirically based, scientifically backed and complete twelve-page career report. Start with the foundation provided by the 10 page Strong Profile, then go a step further with additional feedback that helps them explore promising educational programs, volunteer and summer job possibilities, as well as various work environments.

Please note: A minimum age of 14 and a 9th grade reading level is recommended for this report. See “More Details” for additional technical information.

Download Sample Strong Interest Inventory® High School Edition Profile

Product Description


The 12 page Strong High School Edition report includes five sections that work together to provide a full spectrum of feedback to help your child.

Section Breakdown

General Occupational Themes (GOTs)

The 6 General Occupational Themes provide a birds-eye view of your child’s interests. Each of the six themes (Enterprising, Conventional, Social, Investigative, Artistic, and Realistic) also provide related information on potential skills, values, and work activities.

Basic Interest Scales

The 30 Basic Interest Scales are introduced to provide a more focused perspective of your child’s likes and dislikes. They cover the full spectrum of interests including areas such as Sales, Visual Arts & Design, Protective Services, Research, Office Management, Teaching & Education and many others.

Occupational Scales

The 130 gender specific Occupational Scales provide a unique perspective comparing your child’s interest patterns to those who report being happy in their line of work. This list of job categories covers a large variety of job types including Restaurant Manager, Life Insurance Agent, Accountant, Business Education Teacher, Career Counselor, Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Interior Designer, Attorney, Radiologic Technologist, and Electrician among many others. This perspective provides a unique approach to identifying new career exploration options for your child.

Personal Style Scales

The 5 Personal Style Scales help identify your child’s preferred working style, team orientation, and learning environment. It also identifies their preferred leadership style as well as their comfort level with taking risk.

Beyond High School exploration

The Beyond High School exploration section offers personalized feedback on matching educational programs, volunteering avenues, and work environments your child may wish to explore. It also analyzes your child’s interests in order to provide additional feedback on how they might prefer to spend their work time and what they value in a job.

Technical Specifications:

Age Recommendation: 14 and up
Minimum Reading Level Requirement: 9th grade
Number of items: 291
Average online assessment time: 30 minutes