DiSC® Sales Profile



The DiSC® Sales Profile is an expansion of the DiSC® Profile and is ideal for professionals who are looking to learn more about how their personality can influence their sales tactics. This personalized report outlines the Everything DiSC® Sales Map to give the participant a brief overview of how expressed priorities (areas where most energy is placed) affect a person’s sales experience during situations both when purchasing and selling. It is a great tool for identifying an individual’s strengths and provides a means for adapting innate personality characteristics to find strategies for best utilization of such in order to influence the decisions of individuals who may report with alternate personality habits.

Organizations can use the DiSC® Sales Profile Report Assessment to:

  • Improve customer interaction strategies by learning to recognize differing personalities purchasing habits.
  • Learn behaviors that each DiSC® personality type tends to use when approached by a purchasing opportunity.
  • Enhance sales strategies by learning methods for adapting established behaviors generally used when approaching others.
  • Develop an action plan for elevating a customer’s sales experience.
  • Expand on current knowledge of how personality shapes your organization’s culture and increase the ability to match sellers with consumers based on compatible personality behaviors.

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The DiSC® Sales Profile is an assessment used to understand and augment sales tactics used by employees, sales professionals, managers, executives, leaders, and prospective candidates. It is a reflective tool that can provide a means for learning a new approach to building quality interactions between a buyer and seller, for the purpose of increasing revenue and reaching established sales goals.

The official DiSC® Sales Profile Report is constructed according to the DiSC® model. The 4-letter DiSC® represents four behaviors: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). It is possible to score borderline between two DiSC® traits, whereas a two-letter symbol such as Di (Dominant/Influence) is assigned. Next, an individual’s DiSC® score is represented by a black dot on the DiSC® graph. If the block dot is close to the center of the diagram, they are said to be more connected to that DiSC® dimension and may display characteristics of the reported style with ease. The DiSC® Sales Profile expands on this concept by adding eight Priorities and the idea of Shading to the DiSC®. This addition is displayed as a bell curve and will include at least three areas of focused energy (some individuals will assess with four or five).

Below is an explanation of the eight Priorities that an individual may report as innate behavioral characteristics:

  • Competency – confident, knowledgeable, self-assured, individual who can lead sales discussions with ease and generally focus on the logic of the purchase.
  • Quality – people who present value and generally can reinforce their sales presentation with facts. These individuals hold their products or services to a high standard.
  • Dependability – individuals who can communicate their personal trustworthiness to a purchaser. Instead of placing a heavy concentration on a product or service, they often tend to sell themselves as the most important aspect of the transaction.
  • Sincerity – approachable, honest, respectful, diplomats, these individuals are known for their expert listening skills. This type of person is often wanting to assure a buyer that they have made a great decision.
  • Relationships – these people generally will get to know their customers and may even know intimate details of their customers’ lives outside of the workplace. They often prioritize building a rapport and finding common interests in order to place value on the product or service offered.
  • Enthusiasm – a salesperson who leads with this behavioral style generally is excited and full of energy. Their genuine gregarious demeanor is often found to be contagious to consumers.
  • Action – Individuals reporting with this Priority are leaders. They are often confident, risk-takers, who are driven by moving forward. Most tend to value time management and expect their customers to be short on time, therefore getting to the punch is of utmost importance.
  • Results – These people place their direction on the bottom line. They are driven by goals and can use their power of persuasion to explain how a product or service will help others reach established organizational goals as well.

The DiSC® Sales Report also introduces the four DiSC® buying styles and provides information for:

  • Recognizing each buying style
  • Understanding what drives each buying style
  • Adapting your selling style to each type of alternative buying styles

Below is a brief explanation of the four DiSC® buying styles:

  • D Style (Dominance) – quick decision makers who are generally not afraid to express their opinion. These people are known to make difficult decisions quickly and with ease.
  • i Style (Influence) – individuals who tend to want to establish relationships with their seller. These purchasers generally value conversations that have nothing to do with the product or service.
  • S Style (Steadiness) – purchasers who often prefer calculated decision-making based on facts. These individuals may need reassurance on the value of a product.
  • C Style (Conscientiousness) – cautious, yet enthusiastic consumers who generally prefer to keep their communications less personal and mostly professional.

The DiSC® Sales Profile breaks down how each buying style relates to a participant’s reported sales strengths, giving tips for handling customer interactions for all styles and is intended for augmenting current skills. This assessment is meant to be used by working sales professionals.

The DiSC® Sales Profile Report Assessment provides a personalized DiSC® report including an overview of all DiSC® styles and is expanded with the added benefits of sales-driven behavioral content. It is a graphical representation of an individual’s DiSC ® scores within the four DiSC® traits. Following the DiSC® report, additional graphs explain DiSC® Priorities and Shading for expanded information on how likely the participant is to place their energy during an interaction of buying or selling. It includes an interactive portion for developing an action plan for using results, as well as strategies for interacting with individuals who assess differently than the reported participant. It is a robust tool for enhancing communication, reaching sales goals, and increasing productivity, by developing meaningful positive relationships between a purchaser and consumer.

What Happens After You Make a Purchase?

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