Myers-Briggs® Test INTJ Careers Chart

INTJ Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, more specifically known as “The Intellectuals”, are part of “The Pragmatist” Family of Types. These types of people are highly intelligent and independent thinkers, and focus their attention on efficiently and accurately developing practical solutions for any challenge. They work best on small teams, where they can test their ideas in conjunction with others, and are particularly well-suited to careers that involve data-driven, logical problem solving. While some may perceive their behavior as aloof, their contributions are invaluable to the success of any organization.

Use the links below to learn more about careers that suit Myers-Briggs Test INTJs. You will find detailed information on each career including daily tasks, income, required education, employment growth, commonly used tools, hardware and software as well as the corresponding Strong Interest Inventory® Theme Code and more.