MBTI® ESFP Personalities and Decision Making

Geeta AnejaESFP, MBTI, Type and Decision-Making

Different people make decisions in vastly different ways. Some people are direct and explicit, saying exactly what they intend without being willing to settle or negotiate. Others present several options and weigh them before making a decision. When individuals with different decision-making tendencies have to work together in a team or organization, miscommunications and tension can abound. The Myers-Briggs Type … Read More

MBTI® ESFP Personality Types’ Communication Style In The Workplace

Geeta AnejaCommunication and Type, ESFP, MBTI

Individuals’ Myers-Briggs® personality type  (MBTI® Type) often influence the ways that they communicate and interpret others’ communication. As a result, being keenly aware of your own MBTI personality Type as well as those of your co-workers or employees can help you minimize communicative breakdowns and spend more time on what really matters – working together to maximize the productivity of … Read More

Myers-Briggs® test ESFP Personality Type and Leadership

Geeta AnejaBusiness and Leadership, ESFP, Leadership, MBTI, Personality Type

Have you ever wanted to be a more efficient leader or manager? Have you wondered how you can best lead a corporate team or group? Learning about The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, your Myers-Briggs® personality type, and the array of tools available, can greatly improve your understanding of yourself and those around you. Additionally, this awareness can aid you in becoming a more efficient … Read More

Myers-Briggs® MBTI Test ESFP Personality Types and Leadership

Sparkos MerrimanBusiness and Leadership, ESFP, Leadership, MBTI, Personality Type

Your particular Myers-Briggs® test personality type benefits from your natural propensity for using your mind in different ways than others. Employing some of the most elementary patterns in human operation, the MBTI t­est helps in numerous areas of life, and most certainly with occupational growth and examination. Knowing the diverse qualities that you demonstrate is crucial when contemplating successful leadership. … Read More

The MBTI® Test ESFP Personality Type and Innovation

Taylor MicaelaBlogs, ESFP, Innovation, MBTI, Personality Type

Discovering how your Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI Test) personality type approaches innovation can greatly help you understand what roles you’d best play in groups that require coming up with fresh ideas and solutions. This week, we’ll learn about how Extraverted Sensing and Introverted Feeling (ESFP) types best innovate. We define innovation as “the implementation of ideas,” involving not only … Read More

The Myers-Briggs® Test ESFP Personality Type and Project Management

Taylor MicaelaBlogs, ESFP, MBTI, Personality Type, Project Management

Each Myers-Briggs Test personality type has its own way of approaching, looking at, and completing projects. This week, we’ll learn how Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Feeling (ESFP) types take on projects, and what they could do to make sure they stay on track. For starters, we’ll define a project as “a temporary endeavor, under taken to create a unique product … Read More

The MBTI® Test ESFP Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence

Taylor MicaelaEmotional Intelligence, ESFP, MBTI

Each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI test) personality type has a different way of assessing, processing, and understanding emotions, whether inwardly, externally, or not at all. Learning about your MBTI type can help you discover how to best develop your emotional intelligence—involving what could help you be more receptive to the emotions of others, what could make your own emotions easier … Read More