MBTI® ENTP Personality Types and Communication in The Workplace

Geeta AnejaCommunication and Type, ENTP, MBTI, Personality Type

Different people with varying personality types communicate in different ways. Developing a nuanced understanding of your, your spouse’s, children or your employees’ or colleagues’ MBTI® type can help you communicate and understand them more effectively and efficiently. Knowing others’ MBTI test personality types can additionally help you work better as a team, and ultimately be able to complement one and … Read More

Myers-Briggs® ENTP MBTI® Personality Types and Leadership

Geeta AnejaENTP, Leadership, MBTI

People differ with respect to their leadership strengths and challenges. Developing a more nuanced understanding of your and your employees’ Myers-Briggs® personality types can help you increase your efficiency to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business environment. This week’s blog takes a closer look at the Extroverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving (ENTP) personality type and how these types can capitalize on their strengths … Read More