Strong Interest Inventory® & Skills Confidence Profile


Discover which abilities and interests you feel best about so that you may apply them to your work and home life.

Your preferences and skills are directly linked to your happiness—wouldn’t you like to know what they are, and how assured you are in your ability to perform them? The Strong Interest Inventory® Profile with Skills Confidence offers you a breakdown of your interests in work, play, academia, and communication styles, with the added bonus of showing you how confident you are in certain abilities and comparing them to your mapped-out interests and skills. The profile aids in understanding how this confidence is affecting your career and personal life, and whether you should seek new paths that align more with your beliefs in yourself—after all, success and satisfaction in a career is connected to one’s faith in their own abilities.

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Product Description



This profile combines the features of a Strong Interest Inventory Profile—an in-depth look at your interests and preferences—with a detailed depiction of how you feel about these categories. Discovering your confidence in certain areas can help you decide whether or not to pursue a career in that field, whether or not you should continue on the career path you are on, or whether or not you should work towards certain skills that will aid you in your career path.

Furthermore, because of the Strong Interest Inventory test component of this profile, you will learn your top ten occupations that match with your interests, how you best work in occupational situations (managing others, taking risks, learning, and working with others), your top six work areas that people with similar interests have succeeded in, and a breakdown of your interests and what they mean to your career and personal life.

After learning about yourself in terms of your interests and potentially satisfying occupations, take a look at how confident you are in your abilities and skills that coincide with these interests. The Skills Confidence charts depict:

  • A map of the six occupational areas and your self-assuredness in your abilities as they relate to each area
  • A list of typical skills that these occupational areas are known for
  • A match-up of your confidence levels in these occupational areas AND your interest levels in them as established by the Strong Interest Inventory Profile