Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition Profile


Pave your collegiate path toward the right majors and occupations based on your likes and dislikes.

College can be either tedious and tiresome or exciting and gratifying depending on what major you choose to pursue. With the help of the Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition Profile, you can gain insight into which majors line up with your interests and preferences, allowing you to seek the most gratifying and fulfilling course load.

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Product Description



The Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition Profile is a beneficial tool for those just about to enter college and those who aren’t content with their current college experience. With its in-depth analysis of your preferences and interests, as well as its extensive report detailing many areas of your life, the Strong Interest Inventory College Edition Profile helps students forge the right path for their future in the working world and their personal lives.

The Strong Interest Inventory College Edition Profile doesn’t just stop at majors, either. College course descriptions, extracurricular suggestions, favored style of work and environment to work in, and career guidance are also uncovered through your Strong Interest Inventory Profile, allowing you to mold your entire college experience (and future employment after graduation) around your specific likes and dislikes. Furthermore, the Strong Interest Inventory College Edition sets you off down a path to a career that best-fits your preferences, meaning that you’re already one step ahead after graduation. All of this is done in easy-to-read charts.

In the Strong Interest Inventory College Edition Profile, you’ll find:

  • A list of six General Occupational Theme areas and how well they work with your interests (Social, Artistic, Enterprising, Conventional, Investigative, and Realistic).
  • Thirty Basic Interest Scales; areas of potential interests that are broken down to give you more information on what these preferences mean to you. Sample areas include Teaching & Education, Religion & Spirituality, and Writing & Mass Communication.
  • A comparison of your answers and preferences through 130 Occupational Scales, including a top-ten list of your best-matched occupations
  • Five Personal Style Scales depicting your favored ways of learning, managing, working alone and in groups, and taking chances in the workplace