New Customer & Existing Customer Telephone, Contact Form & Email Inquiry Response Time

We return all correspondence either via telephone or email within one business day.

Individual  College, Career, Organizational & Personality Assessment Purchases

At Career Assessment Site we take great care in handling your account with prompt and diligent customer service. We will walk you through the process of assessment administration, keep track of your assessment completion and reports in an organized, confidential and secure database. Your reports are kept safe on an off-site server in case of computer or in-house server failure.  As a courtesy, if it so happens that within two years of receiving your results you misplace your report, simply contact us and we will send you a reprinted PDF copy free of charge via email.

 “White Glove” Counselor Program

Are you a Counselor, Life Coach, or Pastor that wants to utilize our assessments to help your clients while utilizing our expertise? If so, we can help. Here at Career Assessment Site we can custom tailor your experience to the specific needs your clients. We will create a custom profile for you and track any special requests that you may have concerning the ordering process, assessment administration, and client tracking. We can also provide custom product packages that fit your specific needs if you do not find the right combination in our product catalog. To discuss your specific needs you can contact us via email or by calling us direct at 805-770-3888.

Corporate Employee Team and Group Account/Purchases

 As with our “White Glove” Counselor Program, we handle our corporate accounts with the same diligence and care. We will follow your team’s progress from the first time you contact us until the last employee’s assessment is completed. We are readily available and at your disposable to answer any and all questions that might arise during a team assessment administration and we will not keep you waiting for days at a time for answers to your questions and inquires. We are prompt and reliable, and hold the integrity of our brand to the highest level when dealing with corporate accounts. As with all of our clients, your employees’ reports will be kept on an accessible and safe electronic server for years after your purchase, just in case you or your organization should misplace any of these reports and should need access to them at a latter date.