Myers-Briggs® Test ISTP Careers Chart 

ISTP Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, more specifically known as “The Innovators”, are part of “The Originator” Family of Types. These types of people tend to stay mostly to themselves at work, simply watching others until they or their team meets a challenge. In such critical moments, ISTP Personality Types spring to action, capitalizing on their unique, innate ability to manage large amounts of data. ISTP Introverted Thinking MBTI Types fit well in various occupations, using their personality characteristics both consciously and unconsciously to aid corporations and other business entities in functioning and succeeding.

Use the links below to learn more about careers that suit Myers-Briggs Test ISTPs. You will find detailed information on each career including daily tasks, income, required education, employment growth, commonly used tools, hardware and software as well as the corresponding Strong Interest Inventory® Theme Code and more.