Myers-Briggs® Test ENTJ Careers Chart

ENTJ Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, more specifically known as “The Directors”, are part of “The Pragmatists” Family of Types. ENTJ’s tend to be frank, decisive, and highly efficient. They often do well in careers relating to logic, including finance and engineering. They are also goal-oriented and are able to achieve concrete targets within set time scales. They enjoy reading, and tend to be well versed in a variety of different topics and sub-fields. They do well in careers where they can solve organizational problems or where they can develop systems that can then be implemented by others.

Use the links below to learn more about careers that suit Myers-Briggs ENTJ Types. You will find detailed information on each career including daily tasks, income, required education, employment growth, commonly used tools, hardware and software as well as the corresponding Strong Interest Inventory® Theme Code and more.