Here at Career Assessment Site we realize the value in utilizing psychological assessments to improve communication, team synergy, and conflict management skills within your corporation or organization. Whether you are a CEO looking to maximize efficiency within your upper management structure or a small business owner trying to optimize interpersonal communication skills among your team members, we have options that can help you meet your goals while keeping your unique needs and budget in mind. We have options that cater to as few as two participants or as many as 125. View our options below or contact us to discuss a custom plan that will address your specific needs.

Find the right corporate package based on your unique needs and budgetary considerations with our three tier system.

Tier One

Maximize feedback while minimizing costs. This tier is best suited for those organizations that have organizers on hand to organize team members and debrief activities in-house or participants well versed in the use of the selected reports.

Choose one of the example packages below or contact Leon Jesmanowicz at [email protected] to discuss the best report combinations to utilize for your team. Each team remember will receive copies of their reports along with a 20-30 minute phone (Zoom for international clients) consultation to review their results and verify type (for reports utilizing MBTI Step I or MBTI Step II reports).

Example 1: Self Awareness and Conflict Management focus

1x MBTI Step II Interpretive Report per participant

1x Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Profile & Interpretive Report per participant

This package offers two powerful core reports that will help each participant gain an understanding of their own personality type and personal preferences when it comes to communication, decision making, dealing with change, and conflict management. Understand how you take in information, make decisions, orientate yourself, and deal with the outside world in order to improve your inter-personal skills and then analyze how you are likely to approach conflict situations in order to optimize your interactions with others.

Example 2: Classic Leadership Combo

1x Leadership Report Using FIRO-B® & MBTI® + FIRO-B Profile + MBTI Profile per participant

This package cross references the psychological type data from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment with the interpersonal needs and wants data found through the FIRO-B assessment to provide feedback on your leadership style within different contexts: in interpersonal relationships, in teams, and at the level of organizational culture.