• MBTI® Step II™ Profile

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    Further investigate the intricacies of your personality with this detailed report of your MBTI® type and its features.

    The MBTI® Step II™ Profile further dissects your MBTI® type, providing you with more in-depth information on your personality and preferences. Four pages of detailed graphs show why you received the Myers-Briggs® test four-letter type that you did (given at the beginning of the profile), and what it is about yourself that makes you that type (five detailed subcategories, or facets, for each letter). The information gained from the MBTI Step II Profile can be beneficial to your work life, your relationships, your home life, and your schooling.

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  • MBTI Personal Impact Sample Report

    MBTI® Personal Impact Report

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    Reap the benefits of your MBTI® type with this comprehensive report

    Combine deep personality insights with custom-tailored action steps, all in one easy-to-read report, and start using your personality type to your advantage today! Each section of the the MBTI® Personal Impact Report will help you discover how your personality type impacts key areas of your life, such as how you communicate, manage stress, or even make decisions. Apply this knowledge immediately to optimize your personal and professional life. The possibilities are endless. Find a fulfilling career that focuses on your strengths, streamlines your decision making, and can even improve your personal relationships! Every person and every personality type has its own strengths and challenges – start benefiting from yours with the MBTI® Personal Impact Report.

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