How Does an ESFJ Type Prefer to Relate in The Workplace?

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Miscommunications are inevitable when people work together in any setting, and they become even more likely in the fast-paced environment of today’s world. However, thanks to recent research into personality types and communication (e.g., Dunning, 2003), we now have ways to predict these mishaps and help companies and employees prepare for them, so you can spend your time where it … Read More

Myers Briggs® INTJ Personality Types and Communication in The Workplace

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People communicate in ways that differ vastly from one another. In some cases, these differences are positive and enable individuals to learn and grow with one another in a working environment. However, in other cases, they can cause miscommunications that are mildly inconvenient at best. Fortunately, Dunning (2003) has drawn parallels between communication styles and Myers-Briggs test personality type indicators. This … Read More

Myers Briggs® INTP MBTI® Personality Types and Leadership

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Testing yours and others’ Myers-Briggs® personality types can help you develop valuable insights into how to optimize your workflow. When time is short and demands are high, efficiency and quality are of the utmost importance. This week’s blog explores The Myers-Briggs® Introverted- Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving (INTP) personality type, with a focus on how they can increase their productivity while still effectively supporting … Read More

The Strong Interest Inventory® Test Enterprising Theme

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Strong Interest Inventory Enterprising Theme   Learning about The Strong Interest Inventory® Test’s Basic Interest Scales (BIS) that you align with can help you discern your ideal career—one that will bring you happiness, success, and fulfillment. This week, we’ll learn about the Enterprising Basic Interest Scale Theme, and the BIS’s that go along with it. The Basic Interest Scale Theme … Read More