FIRO-B® Test Team Results, Behavior and Team Conflict

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Though your FIRO-B® test results do not necessarily directly cause team conflict, they can reinforce certain types of problematic situations and lay the groundwork for unhealthy conflict.  As a team leader, or team member, you want to understand what specific issues can arise from each team member’s FIRO-B interpersonal needs. With this information, you will be able to better recognize … Read More

MBTI® Test and Careers: Personality Strengths and Career Obstacles

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Searching for a career can be anxiety provoking and frankly quite intimidating. For those of you who have been unemployed or in a career that does not suit you, you can relate to these feelings. The Combined Strong and MBTI® Career Report was invented to help people understand their career preferences and interests in order to help people like you … Read More

Strong interest Inventory® Occupational Scales: A Closer Look

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Strong Interest Inventory Occupational Scales (OSs), in my opinion, should win MVP honors when it comes to the Strong Interest Inventory test.  Unfortunately, when the Strong Inventory is mentioned, it’s common for the RIASEC Hexagon and the General Occupational Themes (GOTs) to receive most of the initial attention.  Less in the spotlight, but equality as important, are the Occupation Scales.  This … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® Profile versus Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

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The Strong Interest Inventory® test is a powerful assessment test that can be extremely helpful when making decisions concerning your career and educational decisions.  The Interest Inventory’s popularity has lead to many inquiries spanning everything from validity of the instrument to topics concerning it’s synergy with other assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test.  One of the most frequently asked … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® test: What an Interest Inventory Can Do For You. How Taking One Can Help and Why.

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Searching for an Interest Inventory online brings you to a plethora of options.  Here at Career Assessment Site we recommend the Strong Interest Inventory® test based on its long history and credibility, but beyond this point there are questions you should ask yourself when looking for a career assessment test.  A proper Interest Inventory should help you answer questions like:         … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report Explained

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One of the most helpful and thorough career reports available is The Strong Interest Inventory® and MBTI® Combined Career Report with Strong Profile. This Strong and MBTI assessment can help you determine your best-fit career by combining the powerful interest inventory named The Strong Interest Inventory and an unsurpassed personality assessment named The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, resulting in a 14 page report … Read More