I am impressed with your approach and ideas, this is the type of advice that I am looking for, something that I may not have realistically considered before. I quite like the email format as it gives me sufficient time to digest and think about your suggestions privately and formulate an accurate response.”

– Ben Basedow, Career Assessment Site Customer

I have known Jonathan for almost 2 years now. He is an incredibly versatile and well-educated individual with an extensive background in business, making him a wonderful resource for those seeking career counseling. Combined with his dynamic personality, he is someone I feel extremely comfortable sending both clients and friends to!”

– Benjamin Holt, Owner and Sole Proprietor, S.M.A.R.T. Chiropractic

I have known Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder of Career Test Site, for sometime and can attest that he holds his vision true and close to his heart. His passion is to provide access to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong INterest Inventory, Firo-B, and TKI at a very affordable price to those with lessor economic means nationally and globally with all cultures and societies in mind. He strongly believes in all of the assessments he administers and has examined them extensively. In addition, he strives to increasethe world-wide use of these instruments, to best of his means, using the Career Test Site as his conduit. As an educator myself, Isupport that his vision will be one of success, as his truth, honesty and integrity are reflected in his forthcoming approach and delivery system.

– Gabrielle Johnson, Ph.D., Curriculum Developer and Environmental Education Consultant

乔纳森是一位在人力资源行业上包括员工及管理人员开发以及决策等方面拥有丰富经验的成功人士。 我们很感谢他在我们团队中所发挥的团队领导的作用。 对于他自己已开拓的人力资源公司,我们向您推荐使用,他可以提供包括人力、经营及职业测评管理等方面的各种服务。

Jonathan is a successful and professional expert in all respects of human resource, including employing staff, executive development and decision making. We appreciated him playing the important leader role on our team. We recommend his company’s various human resources services including employee staffing, managing and career testing administration.

– Helen Yu, Head of Comsup Commodities, China Division