Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report


Delve deeper into what your interests, hobbies, favorite topics, and locations can mean for your career and personal life with the help of this extensive and personalized Strong profile.

Your Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report starts with same foundational information found in the Strong Interest Inventory Profile, but goes even further into analyzing your likes and dislikes by offering you a detailed look at how following your interests and preferences can help you lead a more fulfilling, satisfied life. The report presents you with the closest matched occupations for people with your interests, an in-depth breakdown of certain areas matched to your Strong Interest Inventory test results, and insight into your likes and dislikes.

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Product Description



With the Strong Interpretive Report, those with questions about their futures are given a step-by-step breakdown of their interests, preferences, and motives for happiness, as well as “action steps” which instruct them on how to use this information to better themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a career move or just starting out in the working world, the Strong Interpretive Report can guide you toward occupations and styles of work that are shown to work best with your interests, hobbies, preferences, favorite subjects, and more. The Strong Interpretive Report can be used to gain some insight into whether or not you’d be happy in a career that you are thinking of, whether or not you’ll be happy in a career move that you make, and whether or not your current career is going to make you happy in the long run.

Along with the elements of the Strong Interest Inventory Profile (such as your most popular careers, most popular occupational areas, and your break-down of how you best work), the Interpretive Report provides:

  • A detailed description of the top ten potential careers for those with your likes and dislikes, including duties and specific skills necessary
  • Leisure activities associated with your top interests
  • Your top career motivators: what makes you want to do these types of jobs