iStartStrong™ Report


Plan your future career based on your interests and preferences, leading you down the path to a successful work and personal life.

Use your interests, preferences, and favorite subjects and leisure activities to assess which career or career field works best with who you are and what you like. Through the web-interactive and thorough iStartStrong™ report, you’ll get set off on the right foot toward finding a career that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Product Description

Important Note: The iStartStrong™ Report does not require, nor include, a phone consultation in order for you to receive your results.


There’s always a good time to take the iStartStrong™ report, whether you’re beginning college and looking for a guiding light into majors or you’re entering the work force for the first time. This report offers you information on how your interests and preferences can be reflected in your career choice, leading you toward a successful and fulfilling career.

After completing the Strong Interest Inventory, you’ll receive information on your top two General Occupational themes (social, artistic, enterprising, conventional, investigative, or realistic), information on what sort of work environments you’d enjoy, your other four themes listed in order of preference, your top five specific interest groups and related occupations, and a summary of your findings.

Furthermore, the iStartStrong offers up an interactive component geared toward giving students and those looking for more fulfilling careers the opportunity to explore other components of the profile, such as:

  • Recommended job fields and descriptions
  • Career information based on school subjects
  • Other careers pertinent to specific occupational themes
  • Further information on each General Occupational Theme and specific interest