MBTI® College Edition Profile


Using the MBTI® test’s four letter components, discover the collegiate major and subsequent occupational path that will provide you with optimal success, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

The MBTI College Edition Profile is a great tool for any student or soon-to-be student who is unsure of what direction he or she should take as they head into one of the biggest milestones of their life. This profile provides understanding and insight into your personality, allowing you to discover what you are best at and what sort of occupation you can succeed in further down the road.

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Product Description



The MBTI College Edition profile breaks down your personality into the following categories, providing you with an overall look into who you are and how you best function:

  • Introverted and Extraverted: Do you work and feel best alone or when collaborating with others?
  • Intuitive and Sensing: Do you focus more on long-term goals or more on making the most of the present
  • Feeling or Thinking: Do you find yourself making decisions based on your feelings or on reasoning?
  • Perceiving or Judging: Do you find inspiration in the moment or do you prefer structure and order?

In the report, you’ll find descriptors specifically associated with your personality type and clarity indexes depicting how clearly you are associated with each letter of your type. The information provided in your report is structured in easy-to-read graphs and charts for optimal understanding and interpretation.

The information gained from your MBTI type allows you to mold your college course load around specific parts of your personality and teaches you how you learn most efficiently. With this new insight, you can map your college experience to best fit the intricacies of your personality, helping to set you up for a gratifying career and life.