MBTI® College Edition Interpretive Report


Learn more about your MBTI® test results and how you may use them to benefit your college experience.

With the extra information and further details given with the Myers-Briggs College Edition Interpretive Report, you will develop a new understanding on how you work and how you think, allowing you to choose a college major or course load that accurately reflects your personality—ultimately preparing you for a satisfying career in your future.

Download Sample MBTI® “College Edition” Interpretive Report

Product Description



The Interpretive Report provides all of the components of the MBTI College Edition Profile (your four-letter MBTI personality type based on whether you are Introverted or Extraverted, Intuitive or Sensing, Feeling or Thinking, and Perceiving or Judging; descriptors illustrating your personality type’s key components; and preference clarity indexes illustrate how confident the results are that the correct is reported ) as well as details on how you process information and certain weaknesses (or “blind spots”) that your personality type may have. This information is explained in-depth in this 6 page report.

Knowledge gained from your MBTI College Interpretive Report can be used in a multitude of ways. By learning about yourself on a base level, you can tailor your college academic load, extracurricular activities, communication style, studying habits, and stress management to best work with your personality—all of which work together to offer you the best and most successful college experience possible.

  • Just entering college and unsure of what they should study
  • Feeling unfulfilled with their current choice of college major
  • In need of guidance when it comes to how they study and learn best
  • Wishing to explore their personality in this monumental time