FIRO Business® Leadership Report


Discover your interpersonal needs and communication style as they apply to your job and your relationships with those you work with.

Ever wondered how to best utilize the atmosphere and relationships inside your organization? Through the information found in your FIRO Business® Leadership report, you’ll obtain insight on how you communicate best with others in many areas, whether to your subordinates or authorities, which you can then apply to becoming a more approachable, efficient leader.

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Product Description



Through the FIRO Business® Leadership Report, you’ll unearth a variety of tools, informational discoveries, and developmental strategies for bettering your leadership communication style and relationships at your place of work. You’ll learn how your interpersonal communication styles help you in specific relationships in your office, including with your coworkers, your manager, and those who report to you. You’ll discover how to best handle interactions with these people, whether positive (praise) or negative (conflict), how interested you are in creating relationships with them, and areas of improvement for your interactions with them.

Furthermore, from the information you receive about your relationships and preferred levels of interaction with your coworkers, you’ll gain insight on how to best handle conflict and compromise in your workplace, whether between yourself and another or with you mediating between two other coworkers. Approaches to how you make leadership decisions and decide on what to prioritize are also identified and discussed.

After thoroughly learning about your interpersonal communication styles and how you prefer to conduct yourself as a leader in the workplace, you can apply this new knowledge to a variety of end-goals, such as:

  • Augment your job satisfaction and productivity with new knowledge for communicating with those around you
  • Achieve results from the work you do and the actions you take at work
  • Discover other ways of getting results that are different than your current habits
  • Put developmental strategies to use to effectively lead an organization that is looking for someone to take the reigns