MBTI® Decision Making Style Report + MBTI Communication Style Report


Work toward becoming a better worker and communicator with tools on how to harness your MBTI® type’s method for coming to decisions and interacting with others.

Optimize your career potential and personal interactions by understanding how you best make decisions and communicate with others. The two reports in this package can help yourself or your team become a well-oiled machine, with well-thought-out decisions and efficient, open communication channels leading the way toward success.

Download sample MBTI® Decision Making Style Report
Download sample MBTI® Communication Style Report

Product Description



MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report

After receiving information on your MBTI® four letter personality type and the degree to which you are associated with each letter, you’ll delve further into the thought processes that go into each decision you make. You’ll discover how others can aid you in your decision-making processes, including what sort of information you need from them, what sort of input you need from them, and what support they can offer you. Almost as beneficial is the information you’ll receive about other MBTI types that are different from yours, allowing you to tailor your decision-making strategies to the types of people around you.

The report also offers ways to develop your decision-making skills to further progress yourself as a capable leader and go-getter. Furthermore, providing you with information about how the other MBTI types make decisions can help you push yourself into being open to new ways of approaching decision making. All of this information can help you:

  • Ask specific questions to harness information that you may not have considered applying to your decision
  • Understand the weaknesses that cause you to come to hasty conclusions, and develop your strengths

MBTI® Communication Style Report

The MBTI® Communication Style Report breaks down each letter of your MBTI four letter type so that you may see all of the ways that you exchange information with others, and then gives you an overall assessment of your type collectively. With details from each letter of your MBTI personality type, you’ll learn your communicative strengths (what natural abilities you bring to your interactions with others), how you approach interactions (what role you play in the conversation or discussion), and how best to communicate with your opposite types.

When you view your type as a whole, you’ll also discover how you prefer to receive information and how you prefer to offer information. Communication tips round out your report, offering instructions on how to improve your communication skills with your newly discovered knowledge. The MBTI Communication Style Report can be beneficial when applied to various situations:

  • To resolve relationship quarrels, disagreements, or inabilities to express yourself
  • To avoid or help fix conflict in team settings
  • To augment yourself in the workplace
  • To learn how to be more open with your thoughts and feelings
  • To understand how others communicate and to tailor your communicative approaches accordingly